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Phytophthora Dieback is the plant disease caused by the pathogen Phytophthora cinnamomi which is wide spread across the south west of Australia and poses a major threat to biodiversity. Originally named Jarrah Dieback due to the decline in Jarrah's in the state forest, it was later understood to be responsible for the similar damage in other plant communities whether Jarrah was present or not.

Now it is understood that the disease is responsible for the decline of approximately 2000 out of 9000 plant species in the south west. Also under threat are a variety of garden plants.

The spread of this water mould is facilitated by the movement of soil infested with spores, particularly under warm, moist conditions as well as through surface and sub surface water flow. Consequently, a major component of the strategy to constrain this disease involves managing access and soil disturbance operations within vegetation communities.

Knowledge of the pattern and occurrence of the disease in the landscape is therefore an essential prerequisite to formulating suitable hygiene management practices. Mapping Phytophthora Dieback is the first step toward successful management. NPC Consulting offers a fully accredited and experienced service in mapping and management of Phytophthora Dieback throughout a variety of vegetation types across the south west.